Casual outfit

The first mistake women walk with her husband in curlers and bathrobes". Man the conqueror, hunting in his blood, even if it is completely urbanized. Therefore, a woman should always avoid being caught prey.

Can't cook

But in the eyes of a male is worse than a woman with a green mask on her face, can only be the woman who can't cook. The man got the woman made another commandment, which came from their ancestors. No wonder people talk about the way to the heart lying through his stomach.

Jealousy and trust

Jealousy and excessive desire to bind man to themselves often lead to unnecessary quarrels and scandals. But who can appeal to paranoid aspirations of the second half. A woman should be confident and take care of their appearance and not about the length of the skirts of passing ladies. The most important point in family relations is trust. The ability to trust each other in any situation will serve a good service while creating a strong Alliance of two loving hearts.

Manipulation of man

It is not necessary to manipulate the man and show him his place. If a woman wants to command, so she needs to learn how to do it tactfully and discreetly. To achieve the tantrums anything is a dangerous game, which will inevitably lead to the male frustration. The man must think that he makes the decisions. In any case, never manipulate a man with sex. Of course, in some cases it works, but eventually the man tired of begging for something that, in his opinion, and so belongs to him.

Women's obsession

An obsessive woman is worse than a jealous hysteric. Constant calls at work, inappropriate Declaration of love, absurd surprises will eventually begin to irritate the man. But not to interested in the life of the elect is not worth it.

It is not necessary to go from one extreme to another, just need to be yourself and enjoy the pleasures of life together.