Still in Vogue bright colors and they have no surprise. Initially, you can even choose tights and only then, pick him all the way. If you prefer bright and light colors of tights, remember that they visually complete legs. Therefore try to prefer a matte option, and carefully consider what will be put on you in combination with them.

The color of the tights, which this season will be to comply with office rules is beige and Nude. Many girls and women think that will look ridiculous in tights juicy colors or with drawings. On the contrary, if you choose blue, aquamarine, sapphire, or purple colors, it is possible to give the image style and extravagance. And outfits such colors to choose will not be difficult. A very beautiful combination you can get if choose plum, cherry, mustard, coffee, gray tones.

Of course, we should not ignore the tights with various drawings. The most popular this season are tights with a pattern in peas, cage and flowers. With these tights even the simplest outfit will acquire a certain uniqueness and mystique. Choice of models with images, remember that large ornaments will make the legs fuller, and smooth transitions of patterns and colors, on the contrary, will add harmony. The model, which does not affect the volume of the legs is the diamonds are bright and small patterns on the tights in a dark colour.

You can thank the designers to create the most practical pattern. Meet, is a vertical strip. This pattern visually elongates legs, while making them slimmer. Experiment with your image and don't be afraid to bring in something new and not known to you previously. Select and add your images.