Why do I need to be able to ask?

Not knowing how to ask people very rarely refers to someone with a request and he has no hope for a positive result, and the word "no" is always perceived as a defeat. In the end the difficulties are overcome without support, no knowledge of building relationships in family and with others. For a person who can Express their requests, failure is not an insult, also he will easily be able to convince the interlocutor throughout the need for and benefits of its request. Such people achieve great results.

How to teach a child to ask right?

When a family has a child, loving parents ready to give him all the best. But there is a danger that it will be spoiled and capricious, as the requirements increase each time, and having been refused, a child throwing tantrums.

To avoid these consequences, parents need to do the following:

  • First, the child stands to explain correctly the reason for his refusal.
  • Secondly, you need to give the child the opportunity to Express urgency to your request. If he is to prove his innocence and to protect their interests, then he will be able to engage in dialogue with others, and parents should show the child that his views and wishes do not go unnoticed. This will increase the child's self-esteem.

Request boys always sound right, on a subconscious level. Their baffling refusal and a feeling of anxiety. In such a situation, parents need to support my son and need to find out in detail the cause of the disorder, the feelings at the same time. But overt assistance to offer is not necessary.

Girls, as a rule, not explicitly Express their requests, and use all sorts of allusions. As a result, they may not understand, and it may be upset. You need to teach the girl to speak about his request directly and specifically. Upon refusal of the girl to Express sympathy and to strongly support it.