Initially, the child should tell how it can change his life, when I have a newborn. Answer all his questions and try to explain the most important thing that your love for him can not be less. Children especially find it hard to believe, since they perceive love as something finite. In their understanding of love is a great and tasty pie, and with the birth of a baby, a piece of the pie belonging to him will go to the baby. Explain to him that love will be enough for everyone, and she can't suddenly take over.

Do not add fuel to the fire and do not scold your child for his negative reaction. He should be given time to adjust. Often praise him for good behavior by any means show how much you love him, despite the fact that in the house there is another little one.

When on the occasion of the birth of the baby, you have come to visit all the relatives, ask first to attend to to the elder, and after, head to the newborn. The same situation is with the gifts. Many people forget to bring a gift to the older child, so all thoughts will be occupied exclusively baby. Try not to change their habits, because the older child may think that you move away from him.

Remember the truth about something that can't be afraid of laughing at. So as often as possible mess with the older child about the baby. Don't forget about the time you spent together with your child. He feels that for you, it is still special. Try to attach the child to the care for the baby. Let the first aid will be small, it is not the most important. The main thing is that the child will be with mom and to feel needed.

For the first time, after the birth of the baby, try not to put pressure on the child at every opportunity, emphasizing its bond with the baby. Eliminate from your vocabulary the phrase big SIS or big brother. Your oldest child not yet accustomed to the idea that the baby is now also part of your extended family, and what's more he will it's just frustrating.