In any pharmacy you can buy for 40-70 rubles a vial with a true medicinal agent. And what is that?

The grape seeds oil is 100% natural product that can be obtained from grape seeds by cold pressing or by hot extraction. No no smell, very light and delicate.

Use this oil when caring procedures for skin and body, nails, hair. It is truly universal. Added in various creams and is used as monoproduct.

If the facial skin was gray and there was swelling, you can use a massage with grapeseed oil. A few drops to warm in your hands and massage the face along the massage lines not more than five minutes. To leave the oil on the skin for ten minutes, after which wet paper towel. If you do the massage every day for two weeks, the person acquires a smooth beautiful color, pores are narrowed, and little wrinkles are smoothed out.

In addition to massage, you can make masks. Only 10 sessions of 15 minutes. Need 2 waffle towels. Moistened in hot water, on cleansed skin, apply the warm oil from grape seeds and cover with the same towel. After cooling him for a second, warm. After the fifth procedure eliminated all the redness, and the skin becomes smooth and rosy.

If your problem is cellulite, magical butter will also help. Within a month every 3 days take a bath with the addition of a tablespoon of oil from grape seeds mixed with honey, salt or cream. The skin in problem areas will become supple and taut.

You have dry, brittle hair or you are often experimenting with them, changing the color and structure? They need to help. Daily for month massage into the scalp pre-heated in the palms of grape seed oil. Carefully comb the hair-toothed comb (preferably wooden), cover with plastic wrap and scarf. You can wash off in two hours or even overnight. Hair wash with shampoo, then rinse thoroughly, you can also rinse at the end of warm water with lemon juice (for blondes) or a decoction of nettles (for brown-haired women and brunettes).

Oil grape seed of course you can lubricate the lips and the skin around the nails, and even add to salads and use in the preparation of various hot dishes – no taste, no useful qualities is not lost.