In a dish add the chicory, which can be replaced and salad, radichio, for flavor use tarragon and spices. Satiety snack give nuts hazelnut. Special sauce for salad dressing are prepared using Dijon mustard, lemon juice and peanut butter. We will need:

-375 g ripe zucchini

-365 g ripe avocado

-1 PC. of chicory

-100 g peeled hazelnuts

-2 EA. sprigs of tarragon

-25 g lemon juice (fresh).

-Salt, pepper (ground) add to taste.

To make the sauce for the filling, you will need:

-18 g of juice (lemon)

-18 g Dijon mustard

-50 g of peanut butter.

Culinary technology:

1. Peeled ripe zucchini cut into slices. In a bowl mix Dijon mustard with lemon juice, add peanut butter. Received sauce dressing sprinkled slices of zucchini, infuse the vegetables in this marinade for half an hour, leaving it in the fridge.

2. Avocado (peeled) cut into slices, sprinkled to prevent Browning of the fruit with lemon juice. The leaves of the tarragon and chicory are washed, obsushivayut.

3. In a bowl, combine soaked dressing squash slices with avocado slices, salt (to taste), add pepper, mix with chicory/lettuce, radichio.

4. Hazelnuts (shelled) roasted in the oven, put the nuts on a baking sheet. The nuts are roasted for 17 minutes at a temperature of approximately 145 degrees. When the hazelnuts are cooled, it is coarsely crushed.

5. Roasted hazelnuts add to the salad along with the leaves of tarragon. Serves appetizer portions or on the flat wide bowl. Beauty in prepared salad appetizer with zucchini and avocado, you can add the parsley. Delicious salad is ready.