Natural cosmetics do not contain harmful to human body substances. For example, such as animal fats, animal collagen, turtle oil, and artificial coloring substances, various fragrances, waxes, stabilizers and other synthetic ingredients. These substances harm the human skin. In addition, after the manufacture of conventional cosmetics and it is disinfected with the help of radiation. Which, of course, makes it more useful. But without this in any way. Because the conventional cosmetics contain a lot of harmful elements, and with radiation it becomes cleaner.

The composition of natural cosmetics contain only high quality natural products: propolis, natural salt, plant material, thermal water, spring water, etc.

Natural cosmetics, of course, as usual, contains preservatives that are harmful to Your skin. But very few of them. And some natural cosmetics created without preservatives. However, the expiration date remains the same as it was. I.e. sufficient for use.

With natural cosmetics there is another very significant advantage – often it is cheap. At least, much cheaper than the usual cosmetics.

So why pay for what is harmful, when you can put a bit of effort, studying the composition of the package of a cosmetic preparation, to find natural cosmetics, save money and eventually make the purchase, which will help the skin to maintain your balance and always look fresh and healthy.