Organic cosmetics from the specialized brands

In their quest to simplify their own lives, to minimize daily stress, including to care for themselves, mankind seemingly has no boundaries. Today the desire to reduce the cost of their products and to simplify its use and possession in the pursuit of profit pushes cosmetic manufacturers add dozens of chemicals. The last cause allergies, dry skin, provoke hair loss, acne, and a lot more trouble from the man.
Among the Russian manufacturers regarding natural and safe, at the same time affordable, the most well-known cosmetics brand Natura Siberica. Its specialization is skin care products for skin and hair.

However, there is good news: in the last 3-4 decades on the global market kommetprom bright stars shone through a few dozen brands that have chosen your business it is the production of natural (organic) cosmetics. In their creams, shampoos, lotions, and decorative means does not contain silicones, parabens, artificial fragrances, harmful preservatives and the like of hazardous chemicals.
Organic cosmetics contain a minimum of harmful chemical additives or does not have them in your composition. It is an order of magnitude above their counterparts massmarket category, and expiration dates, it is usually much less.

Among these brands is a Russian company Natura Siberica, British Organic Pharmacy and The Body Shop, Australian NveyEco, German Dr. Hauschka and similar manufacturers. An important caveat – as of today there is no single distinguishing mark by which to determine what is in the hands of the consumer product is a real organic cosmetics or just "zakos" under the judges with labels like "natural beauty" "contains natural ingredients", etc.

"Little beauty factory" - the solution to number two

This option is suitable for those women who have enough free time to afford as a hobby (by the way, this hobby often develops into a small business) to engage in soap making, production of safe shampoos and shower gels, as well as the production of creams and lotions. Many questions arise: what are the recipes handmade soap? What materials are needed for this production? What stores sell source for homemade cosmetics? All these and other questions it is better to "poop" in Google or Yandex: the Network contains a lot of useful information about the cosmetics at home.