Fans of natural skin care cosmetics the following methods particularly will be thrilled. Moreover, many allergic reactions on the industrial tools or skin condition worsens. The products we offer as an alternative is completely harmless, but their use consider the individual sensitivity to certain ingredients.

Dairy products, particularly yogurt, will easily cope with the removal of makeup. Moreover, well-known beneficial properties of these products that are beneficial not only for digestion, but also on the skin. For example, lactic acid in the cleanser helps to exfoliate dead skin particles.

This method is very simple to use, only need to apply product on a cotton pad and then wipe his face with. And diluted with water kefir safely remove eye makeup.

Another common method of removing makeup – it is oil. Every housewife in the kitchen there is a bottle of sunflower or olive oil. It is enough to apply a few drops on cotton pad to remove makeup. For permanent use, experts recommend to buy a special cosmetic oil. This product is breaks down sebum and makeup, and do not be afraid that it will clog the pores.

Perhaps the most delicious product that will help remove makeup, will become a banana. Grind the fruit to a pulp and add water. This mixture just wash your face. Also mashed fruit can be used as a nourishing mask. After washing, apply another layer of the banana mixture and leave for 20 minutes.

The following method will suit girls with no allergies to honey. This bee product has long been used as a care facility. Just wet a cotton pad, add a little honey and wipe your face. If you use this method of washing your face every night, then after a while you will notice how your skin is transformed. Lost of peeling, pores shrink, and skin tone will be smoother.