Why it is important to wash off makeup?

When applying makeup is very much clogged pores through which the skin breathes, including on the eyelids. In addition, the process of skin regeneration slows, causing pimples, inflammation, aging inevitably face, under the eyes wrinkles occur. One of the biggest mistakes that make women and girls is to go to bed with makeup on the eyes. Because of this, there are the first signs of aging, under eye circles become darker. Suffer and eyelashes: they break and fall out under the weight of the carcass is not washed away. The skin deteriorates and becomes unstable. To preserve youth need not only time to wash the makeup off your eyes, but do it according to the rules.

Cosmetics makeup remover

There is a large Arsenal of cosmetics, which you can use to remove eye makeup. These include soap, lotion, makeup remover, lotion, makeup remover, foam and mousse make-up remover. Now cosmetic companies are releasing a separate tool for removing eye make-up. On the one hand, it's good. After all, these tools provide components intended for the treatment and prevention of aging of the eyelids. On the other hand, the acquisition of multiple tools is an additional financial expenses. It should be remembered that all used lotions and foams should go well together.

Remove the makeup with soap and water, beauticians recommend that in the most extreme cases. Because soap often dries the skin. Besides, in case of contact with eyes it burns. So soon may appear redness and inflammation. Lotion or foam soap is much softer, but not inferior to him in their cleansing properties. Universal means not just eye makeup, but from the face, and also have a caring effect.

Proper cleansing

Clean the face you must consistently: first the lips, then eyes and then the face and neck. Movement when removing make-up needs to be directed along the massage lines. This will prevent sagging, the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and stretching of the skin. Especially delicate skin around the eyes: it is here that the first wrinkles appear. In this area you need to perform a make-up remover careful and gentle movements. You should move strictly from the inner corner of the eye outwards, and not Vice versa. It is advisable not to put pressure on the skin of the eyelids, so as not to hurt her. Together with make-up remover, use cotton pads or wipes. Wool has long been out of use. Before applying a cleansing cream, dampen a cotton pad with water. So you will need much less make-up remover, and this is a good savings. Mascara to the eyelashes should be removed very carefully, because if the particles fall into the eye, it will cause irritation. A cotton pad with cleanser put under the lower eyelid. Then close your eyes. The other disk guide from root of eyelashes to tip. This way you will wash off the ink not only from the top but from the bottom of the eyelashes.

Non-traditional means for removing makeup

Any oil - peach, castor, almond and even sunflower very well dissolve the mascara. And means suitable for removing eye make-up. If you suddenly run out of liquid make-up remover, just use any scrap oil. Apply it on a cotton pad and slide it across the eyelashes. At the end of the procedure wash with warm water.

Become popular now a Japanese washing with oil will also help to remove makeup from the eyes. The essence of the face that in the beginning, all over the face apply a small amount of oil. Massage in circular movements with a cotton pad removes all contamination. Then the face washes with large amounts of foam or mousse, and after that apply moisturizing lotion. This removes absolutely all makeup.