Want to be as attractive in 10 years? Act now: once a week to do the Spa treatments for the skin and you will not soon meet with the wrinkles.

  1. Spa treatment begins with face cleansing. Rinse thoroughly using a special gel, foam or mild soap.
  2. Next you need to prepare the skin for further procedures. This can be done through steaming. Pour into a small container of hot water, cover with a towel and breathe in the steam for long, while the face will become reddish. You can add boiling water mint, chamomile or thyme.
  3. The skin is ready for further procedures. It is time to do the peeling. Massage a thick gruel, coffee, salt, sugar, or purchased scrub.
  4. Next, make a moisturizing mask for the face.
  5. The last step is the application of nourishing lotion or cream on cleansed skin. Ever it is recommended to moisten a special gel and lip chapstick.

In addition to weekly grooming, recommended for daily treatment to give the skin a fresh appearance. Morning and evening wash your face with cool water and clean it with a special gel-like means. It is recommended to do massage with a towel, pre-soaking it. If possible, it is necessary to do a contrast shower for the skin, washing your face consistently warm and cool water.

Don't want to face getting old? Then wipe it every day with ice. It is possible to freeze boiled water, green tea or herbal infusions. Healthy eating will also bring its contribution and beneficial effect on appearance.

Every girl needs a comprehensive hair care, body, face, nails and teeth. This will give them fresh, healthy and well-groomed appearance. Now in Vogue, natural beauty, and not a ton of makeup and slutty clothes. Eat right, spend more time in the fresh air, exercise, get positive emotions, do simple cosmetic procedures and then your appearance will be attractive for years to come.