Initially, children are not born evil and disobedient, wrong education of adults makes them so.

  1. Adopt a pet. Kitten, Bunny, puppy or someone else. The baby, accustomed to caring only about themselves, learn to take care of someone else. This will help your child become a more responsive, responsible, as for a pet you need to care, feed, play with him.
  2. Do good deeds together. Feed the homeless dogs and cats. Help old people to carry heavy bags. Make a bird feeder and feed birds. Learn to give way to public transport. In response to acts of kindness encourage your child to commendable words, gratitude, smile, and encouragement. Let the kid from childhood will learn that doing good, it gets positive emotions, good mood and joyful feeling of self-worth.
  3. Do not force your child to share his toys, sweets and other things belonging to him, with other children. At least 3 years. Before that age all that is connected with it – that's IT. His toys, His sweets, His mother. And taking away, there is a risk to develop such qualities as selfishness and greed. Respect the personal space of his child.
  4. Read, listen or watch good stories. Fortunately now, with the Internet, you can easily find any. They will teach kids altruism and kindness. Discuss with him what heroes he liked more, what he would do in the described situations, stories. Let the baby imitate any good heroes.
  5. Develop in your children patience, concern and kindness and even his ego, as strange as it may sound. Make time for yourself, your guests, personal care. Let the kid knows that mom is his business, and it cannot and should not fulfill his needs and indulging him in everything.

The most important thing in this matter is not to overdo it, so as not to cause the opposite reaction from the baby. Very often too selfish, greedy and jealous of those kids have moms who go too far in raising a child kind and helpful. It is also important to reconcile the line between good and very good, because overly good people in the world today, unfortunately, run the risk of being misunderstood, embarrassed and rejected by society.