Respect for people of any age and social status. You can instill in the child a sense of equality, and he will show himself well-mannered in all conditions, while still a kid or an adult. The simplest words like "Hello", "thank you" and "goodbye" he needs to be able to say in appropriate situations, without any reminder of parents.
Moderate selfishness. Your child will have the same experience as your individuality and the ability to achieve any goal, and the desire to help and respond to requests from other people.
Obedience. Knowing when to stop playing and sit quietly under one eye only a parent is the main indicator of education. The authority of mom and dad should be paramount. A great indicator of obedience - the child's behavior in stores, where so many temptations, and the desire to obtain something occurs every second.
The lack of aggression. The manifestation of negative emotions towards others is unacceptable for a well-mannered child. Excessive aggression may indicate disturbances in the body, if you can't control it, see your doctor for examination.
The observance of etiquette. Manners are important at any age, and they are imparted since childhood. Show your baby by example how to behave in society, in family and with friends. Your personal example is the best way of education.
Generosity and sacrifice. Educated kid will never go for his toys, he would be happy to share it with others. This quality will be taken into adulthood and will help your son or daughter to have true and loyal friends, willing to help in any situation, in gratitude for the attitude towards them.