Despite the fact that fiberglass Wallpaper incredibly practical, not all the owners even know about their existence. It is necessary to consider the advantages that are present in the finishing coating. Then it will become clear whether to use fiberglass for the finish.

1. Wear resistance and durability

Since fiberglass is a material with excellent qualities of strength, Wallpapers on the basis of their ability to cope with loads of very different nature. They are not afraid of constant abrasion, do not rush even with a rather intense effects. Therefore, the glass will remain beautiful and intact under difficult operating conditions.

2. Water and fire

A unique feature of fiberglass is that they do not deteriorate upon contact with moisture and will not burn. Because of these qualities the material is suitable for use in rooms with various negative factors. Often fiberglass Wallpaper used in the kitchen because they are perfect for this.

3. Sustainability and water vapor permeability

For the manufacture of such a finishing coating uses only environmentally friendly raw materials. Therefore, fiberglass maintain a favorable microclimate in the room. On the other hand, they have a mesh structure. Because of this, the material is breathable and does not violate the ventilation in the room.

4. Easy maintenance

Formed from fiberglass contamination is easy to remove, even using aggressive cleaning products. But in any case, if you want the Wallpaper will be keep in order, as they do not require any special treatment in the process of operation.

5. The possibility of painting in any color

Most options are fiberglass initially it has a white shade. But the material easily accepts paint. The owner receives a wonderful possibility to choose the color which will be painted finish. And sometimes it turns out to repaint the fiberglass even multiple times because they don't deteriorate by such actions.

Not to say that fiberglass is the ideal finishing material. Still they have some drawbacks. But presents the pros demonstrate how they are easy to work.