300 days of sunshine a year and the climatic conditions you want to compare with the Paradise that promotes growth incredibly juicy vegetables and herbs, the sweetest fruits and grapes. It produces a delicious feta cheese from sheep's milk and olive oil, one of the best quality. The abundance of fish and seafood, livestock development allows to diversify the national cuisine to infinity.

The Greeks – people are extremely hospitable and love to cover the tables with panache and soul, even in the most insignificant reason. And the thing that never ceases to amaze in the food – simple flavours and their combinations.

In almost every area of Sunny country has developed its own unique local cuisine.

On the Islands I love seafood, on the mainland consumed more meat. The biggest and beautiful island of Crete is a preference for dishes that combine vegetables with legumes, meat and various fish. Halkidiki is famous for the abundance of variety of seafood.

In Volos serves a variety of hearty snacks to local herbal alcoholic tinctures. On the Peloponnese, Epirus and Thessalia masterfully grill meat, produce excellent cold cuts and cheeses. Thus in any event preparing his signature dish. The traditional Easter dish is considered a special tripe soup with fragrant spices. Christmas serves a Turkey that's stuffed with a wonderful liver and pine nuts, or it could be suckling pig, masterfully baked in the oven until Golden brown.

Aroma of Greece – a mixture of aromas of herbs, where perfectly combines the delicate scent of rosemary with the freshness of mint, spicy aroma of coriander, Basil and parsley and, of course, oregano, dried generous Greek sun. That's why the same Greek salad, horiatiki he definitely should only be enjoyed here, at least for comparison. It seems to be the same components, the same tomatoes, cucumbers and Bulgarian pepper. But olives are amazing, fleshy; olive oil – very fresh, as if just from the press, and feta melt in the mouth and leaving on the tongue a bright juicy taste of summer.

For dessert delicious nut rolls of thin flaky Filo pastry, reminiscent of baklava. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and raisins fill the cakes a unique taste. Love the Greek coffee, thick and fragrant, served in cups and with a glass of water.

Definitely worth it to visit this wonderful country and taste the local delicious food.