Consistently depressed mood, retardation of action and thinking, loss of interest in his surroundings, as well as various physical symptoms such as insomnia, poor or loss of appetite leading to the emergence of pain States, - all possible signs of depression.

Most suffering from depression sooner or later appear suicidal thoughts, and eventually 10 to 15% commit suicide.

Depression repeated annually. The peak of disease falls on the age group 30-40 years. The likelihood of depression during life is 7-18%, while the risk in the female population to be subjected to this disorder is two times higher than that of men.

Many of the patients do not seek medical attention. Some because of ignorance, others out of shame or attempt of displacement, fear to recognize the presence of the disease. Often, however, depression due to their diverse symptoms and are not detected by physicians, since not all equally possess sufficient psychiatric experience to quickly recognize the disease.

Being delivered quickly and on time diagnosis makes the patient position is not hopeless. In the last decade was not so little made for therapy in a result, more than 80% of cases can be helped long term. Moreover, it is important to carried out education and information work, revealing the essence of the disease, as it can strike anyone, regardless of age, gender or social status.

About unipolar depression say when the depressive phase are not yet maniacal character. It should appear such symptoms as depression, apathy, lack of interest, as well as phases excessive elation with a tendency to distance (mania), then we are talking about bipolar depression. Approximately 20% of patients the disease is bipolar.

In recent years, to find an indication that bipolar disorders manualname with minor symptoms can remain undiagnosed. Mania in its purest form without the depressive phase of the rare and constitute approximately 5%.