There is a feeling of sorrow and sadness, the name of which is depression. But with the usual sadly it's not comparable, it belongs to mental disorders. Some people even depression suppresses the desire to exist and go forward.

But not everyone understands when it comes to the really melancholy or depressed.

How to recognize?

Make it very difficult, because depression likes to mask your symptoms. And often people in your serious condition blame problems at work, with loved ones, bad weather and so on.

For these reasons, sad maybe, but when this condition continues for more than a week, you should recognize that this is already a depression. In this case, you should seek help to a specialist and get tested.

The main symptoms of depression:

1) forgetfulness, inattention;

2) feeling that life no longer makes sense;

3) loss of interest in sex;

4) a feeling of sadness and depression;

5) guilt;

6) feeling of worthlessness;

7) persistent irritability;

8) fatigue and unwillingness to work and learn;

9) migraines, problems with digestion;

10) loss of appetite or, Vice versa, the constant feeling of hunger;

11) thoughts of suicide;

12) drowsiness or insomnia.

If some of these symptoms is present, you should consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist. He will consult, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.