Advice 1: Raising a happy child

In raising children it is always necessary to answer two key questions: "Who is to blame?" and "What to do?" With the first question it is clear – the blame is always there.
Raising a happy child

A kindergarten and a school, and the computer, and television – all "interfere" to become Chad the most. But with the work on the bugs more difficult. The bad behavior of the legs grow in one day. Truth be told, that to raise a child, while he lay across the bed.

The rudiments of character are laid in early childhood, when the only source of information about the correct behavior for the baby are the parents. So, maybe we should stop blaming others and think: is it a good or bad role models we are for our own children, and what good they want us to learn?

Parenting is never easy. And every parent at some point decides for himself: to go beyond the beaten track or find their way to the heart of your child. What really educates our children and shapes their personality? Of course, there are many components. But the main one is the behavior, communication within the family, his own parents, regardless of that, they bankers or librarians.

Children, communicating with parents, "copy" over their views, values, attitudes, habits.

If it's good or not will be seen when the child grows up. And for parents, while the child is still small and all adopts, it is important to try to convey precisely the best quality of life vision. Of course we want our kids took from us only the best, but it is not always so.

You can much and long to talk with the child about good and bad deeds, but all the talk will be reduced to zero if your words will always differ from your own actions. You can have the whole year to teach a child good manners, but once you quarrel with the child with a neighbor or send a couple of strong expressions after the car cut in front of you – and all positive effects from all your conversations with the baby as the wind blew.

What to do? Just to control myself. Yes, it's quite difficult, change is not always desirable, and will power is sometimes not enough. But children are better than adults see the difference between words and actions. Remember, if you want to be proud of actions and behavior of your child, show him that his own example. And further life will be more positive, happier and richer for the whole family.

Advice 2: What family will be happy child

Parents always want their child to be happy, it sometimes their concepts about it are wrong. The baby was really happy, it is necessary for mom and dad to be.
Happy family
Taking care of a baby comes naturally to parents, they always dream that their son or daughter will be successful. Failure children are perceived as an insult, then may fall down accusations its second half that the child is stupid and a jerk, all in him, nothing can be achieved.

You need to love the child

To love a child does not mean that it must be the best, and parents need to hurt ourselves to get it all to provide. To love means to take the little man as he is already there. Ridiculous to expect perfect behaviour and correct action from the baby, which he and go can not! We have to help him to his feet.

Help is different action, especially in communication. With little need to speak, to talk, even if he still does not understand it. But he learns to pronounce sounds. It is important that he recited poetry, told bedtime stories or history that is age-appropriate. The child learns, knows, you don't need it in this way, it is better to help. Let him go barefoot in a meadow, not on the lawn in a big city, it's dangerous! Slaps in boots in a puddle, playing in the snow with their peers.

Anything for the happiness of the child should not be done

To act up can not afford, will have to work only to toys, the prices of which will increase in proportion to its age. And to give birth "for themselves", too should not, the child is raised in care. A child born to a single mother only to bring her a glass of water in old age, becomes a "Mama's boy", and "loving" mother would never allow him to marry, break any connection of his already grown-up men.

Many 40-year-olds live with the mother, they do not know how to build relationships, they, for any reason, run to the mother. And this attitude to the child nothing to do with sincere love for him has not. It is only a manifestation of our own selfishness and the great love of the mother for herself.

Family happy child

In a happy family do not have the habit to eat "dry food" that you don't want to cook. Tastes are formed in childhood, so the mother cooks, and the traditional meals (Breakfast, dinner) gather at the table the whole family. The order of the day parents are required to organize correctly that the child does not fall asleep on the keyboard after midnight and in the morning do not miss the first lessons in school.

And nurture your baby from birth should be mom, not entrusting it to strangers which carry out only a mechanical treatment, do not give any love or warmth of the soul. To quarrel in front of the child is impossible, it empties its moral, since love is from him alone to both parents. And to make hard choices at a tender age is beyond him, from the neuroses, changing behavior, and in the worst way.
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