A kindergarten and a school, and the computer, and television – all "interfere" to become Chad the most. But with the work on the bugs more difficult. The bad behavior of the legs grow in one day. Truth be told, that to raise a child, while he lay across the bed.

The rudiments of character are laid in early childhood, when the only source of information about the correct behavior for the baby are the parents. So, maybe we should stop blaming others and think: is it a good or bad role models we are for our own children, and what good they want us to learn?

Parenting is never easy. And every parent at some point decides for himself: to go beyond the beaten track or find their way to the heart of your child. What really educates our children and shapes their personality? Of course, there are many components. But the main one is the behavior, communication within the family, his own parents, regardless of that, they bankers or librarians.

Children, communicating with parents, "copy" over their views, values, attitudes, habits.

If it's good or not will be seen when the child grows up. And for parents, while the child is still small and all adopts, it is important to try to convey precisely the best quality of life vision. Of course we want our kids took from us only the best, but it is not always so.

You can much and long to talk with the child about good and bad deeds, but all the talk will be reduced to zero if your words will always differ from your own actions. You can have the whole year to teach a child good manners, but once you quarrel with the child with a neighbor or send a couple of strong expressions after the car cut in front of you – and all positive effects from all your conversations with the baby as the wind blew.

What to do? Just to control myself. Yes, it's quite difficult, change is not always desirable, and will power is sometimes not enough. But children are better than adults see the difference between words and actions. Remember, if you want to be proud of actions and behavior of your child, show him that his own example. And further life will be more positive, happier and richer for the whole family.