At first glance, everything seems simple enough. Kid's need to love, respect, pamper and so on. But where is that fine line from love to permissiveness, from sweet and calm baby to the runaway bully? Do not be afraid to spoil their children, the main thing – sense when to stop. No wonder they say that all children are selfish. They expect parents (and sometimes require) gifts and sweets as you get used to it. It is necessary to temper this process for one simple reason: the child may grow up spoiled and uncontrollable.

But what is still to do to the child grow up happy?

Firstly, it is necessary to teach him to think positively. Positive people easier to live in life. They tolerate difficulties better and faster solve complex tasks, while remaining calm and reasonable.

Secondly, you need to make it clear to your child that the situation and the actions necessary to assess objectively. A positive attitude is certainly important, but a sensible assessment of what is happening is also needed.

Thirdly, the child is always to say, love him, and that he is special. The main thing – do not overdo it. Everything is good in moderation. If the child will not feel it, then it may rise to complex, appears self-doubt. This will affect the future life and its relations with the community.

Fourthly, it is not necessary to put pressure on the child and criticize him. If he does something wrong, you should tell him calmly. The points tell you how to do it differently.

Fifth, you should always teach the child to achieve their goals. For this it is necessary to estimate really chances. No need to put in front of him is not feasible task. After the fiasco of the child can be closed in itself and painful to relive it.

Anyway, you should always listen to the heart. It will tell you how to behave in different situations, and what you need to do in order for the child to be happy.