Why does hair become oily?

This is most likely due to incorrect functioning of the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum on the head. If the body imbalance, then it is a natural fatty substance responsible for protecting the hair, is produced in large quantities than required. As a result, the hair becomes shiny and heavy from the excess fat. It turns out that you first need to bring your entire body is in order.

Hair can be oily because of the following factors:

- hormonal imbalance;

- heredity;

- stress and nervousness;

- fatigue, lethargy;

- improper diet;

- wrong choice of shampoo.

Do not immediately panic! To restore the health and beauty of your hair, you can use simple tools. Follow the tips.

So, what to do?!

- Wash your hair twice a week with a mild shampoo that suits your hair type. Try to choose a product with a neutral pH to be able to regulate excess sebum without damaging the hair.

- Do not RUB when washing the scalp, not to once again stimulate the sebaceous glands. Sufficient light massage movements – so as you have seen, doing in a shampoo.

- Wash your head with warm water, and rinse with cool, not cold. If necessary, use a conditioner or balm conditioner. Once a week to do special masks, for example, with green clay.

- Do not RUB your hair with towel, just DAB the excess moisture. Don't overuse hair dryers, irons and other appliances for styling hair with the application of heat.

- Buy zinc tablets – it is freely sold in pharmacies. The drug helps to normalize the secretion of sebum and stops hair loss.

Drink teas with herbs such as nettle or chamomile.

- Stick to proper diet, eat enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins. Do not eat foods high in sugar and fat.

- Lifestyle is also important, often go out into the fresh air, exercise.

Effective recipe with green clay

Mix 5 tablespoons of green clay powdered (which has absorbent properties) with a small amount of water – you should get a thick paste.

Add 3 drops of essential oil. You can also use rosemary and thyme combined. Apply to hair and leave on for ten minutes. Then rinse with clean warm (but not hot) water.