We can distinguish five styles of parenting:

1. Authoritarian – this style characterized by strict discipline, all decided by the parents and the child should do as told. There is no place for emotional warmth. There is a communication parent-child " at the expense of communication "child-parent". From a child waiting a lot.

2. Permissive – this style is a lot of warm communication between parents and their children, a little discipline. Is the communication a "child-parent" at the expense of communication "parent-child". Of the child does not expect too much.

3. Tutelary is the environment a constant concern. The solution to all emerging issues. Constant surveillance of the way he behaves. Anxiety to him nothing happened

4. Authoritative – in this style there is a middle discipline along with warm relationship. A lot of communication and a legitimate hope for the future of the child. Firmness and consistency and of course justice. The atmosphere of love and emotional support. Independence and personal responsibility is encouraged in the ratio with age.

Consider the authoritarian style of parenting by the example of the German family of Mueller, who lived in the early twentieth century. Their son Hans Muller was born in 1917, a child brought up in the strictest discipline. Parents practically demonstrated their love of him, they seemed removed from it. This is despite the fact that he was only and long-awaited child. They had high hopes. The family orders were to be discussed, and the failure of the will of the parents was severely punished, used corporal punishment within reason.

Naturally, Hans developed a reflex DC of submission to avoid punishment, he became passive. This led to the fact that the child began to show a propensity for violence, he had a lot of conflicts at school, a sign of hostility. He was unsure of himself, he dropped self-esteem.

In 1935 he's at the insistence of parents entering the national socialist party and the Wehrmacht. For 25 years he was admitted to a special unit of the SS "Dead head", which bears guarding concentration camps. About all the atrocities Hans Mueller can be read in the German archives fell into the hands of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet army. That's what led to the fact that in the past many families in Germany, brought up children in an authoritarian style, which demanded strict obedience. They seem to have created a "fertile ground" for the coming to power of Hitler.