Each participant aims to create a positive attitude about yourself. Hasty conclusions about his opponent can cause false accusations don't contribute to a good result. It is important to develop skills of an active listener, tolerant of the opinions of others.

In the course of a business conversation it is expedient to pay special attention to potential partners saw in front of himself an interested interlocutor. In the vocabulary of experienced negotiators have a phrase confirming this: "I Understand", "Sure", "Yes". If they sound sincere and relaxed, the interviewee expressed more freely.

It is important to remember the rule of emotional mirror, observed during the business conversation. Malignant traced the pattern, forming the aggression of one party from another nervousness, sarcasm of sarcasm, anger with anger.

To achieve the expected result, it is important tolerant to point out the mistakes made by opponents. Not advised to be categorical: "not True!" With a tactful approach uses a calm phrase that preserves the contact. Short phrases are a sign of poor tone, response, decided to join words that Express the meaning of positive attitude.

Diagram of a business conversation is to find common ground, so it is better to start with a question that shows the difference of opinion. The first sentence should be such that the interviewee voiced consent. This behavior forces the opponent to respect the interests of the other party.