This is quite true, as there you can spend a fairly eventful winter vacation.

Especially if you have children, you will certainly need to choose this direction. Every child, even adult, wants to see Santa Claus and make a wish. And Santa Claus just lives in Lapland, and Lapland is in the Northern part of Finland. Fortunately, to strive directly in New year or Christmas don't need Santa will be happy for you in any winter.

In addition, you can take a picture with the local wizard and make a wish, you will marvel at the beauty of this polar region and see with his own eyes shimmering in different colors of the Northern lights. Don't forget to dress warmly, because the Northern lights appear in the biting frosts!

Resting in Finland, you will be able to play sports. There are lots of ski resorts where you can rent skis, snowboard, and sled. In addition, there are other activities such as riding reindeer and dog sledding, fishing under the ice. In Finland a huge number of lakes, so fishing is possible both in winter and summer.

To go there is worth it, not even thinking, the kids will be happy and pleasant relaxation is ensured.