Moreover, for the vast number of commercial projects contextual and banner advertising are the main ways to attract people. Over time, the brand is strengthened, also improves the position in search results and the traffic comes not only through advertising, but also from other sources.

That business is not bankrupt, on the first stage to perform the selected direction. First you need to understand whether the selected segment of the market of available buyers. And this will have to do a lot of analytical work. First you need to analyze the overall demand. You can get an approximate data due to the services statistics of keywords. Well, then you need to view leaders in a niche and understand how to deal with them. If potential buyers are firmly tied to the existing players in the market, it is better to choose a different direction for the business. But if the buyer can be relatively easy to lure, and then it should start.

There are many ways to promote commercial websites. The problem is that the competition here is very high. Most commercial themes are already so crowded with other sites that squeeze will be extremely difficult. But if the direction is free, you can use search engine optimization. The advantage of SEO is that you can get traffic relatively cheap, besides a steady flow of consumers, which is very convenient.

But first, to achieve high rankings in the results impossible. Therefore, you should use the Internet advertising. Here too there are nuances, for example, will have a good idea to work on the selection of keywords for contextual advertising. This is necessary to avoid a brutal and expensive fight with its competitors. Also due to the selection of appropriate keywords to attract targeted traffic.

Banner advertising helps to improve brand awareness. It is also great at the start to declare themselves, attract the attention of buyers. Then you can connect your social networks for more active work with the audience. It also needs a lot of work over the establishment of cooperation with the owners of popular groups. Thanks to these groups can be quite successful to attract users, and it will cost not so expensive.

But in parallel we should work on search engine optimization. In any niche it is possible to find a loophole and start to attract traffic from search results. Over time, should grow in this direction, increasing the flow of visitors from search results and strengthening the position of the site. Ultimately, this will help to save on advertising. However, this will not happen immediately, so you need to bet on the future.