If in this village and something should happen with your estate, you need a lawyers, legal aid which is the main "horse". And to pay all fees and costs will have exactly the system the safety of your village.

Security for country real estate includes, generally, a division into individual and common use. The second consists of a checkpoint at the entrance, continuous operation patrol on the perimeter of the village and CCTV. There are villages with a more layered security system depending on whether "closed" or "open" to people from outside. For example, the village could be open as shopping centers, sports centers and recreational establishments located there, and designed for domestic and foreign customers.

At the checkpoint of the village can operate the video system that captures car pulling in to the camcorder. The person on duty registers the number of guests and the purpose of their arrival. If the village is closed and guests are still inside, the computer will inform the security number of their car. Then the guard goes in search of late visitors. In addition, the "open" villages are additionally protected by the police. Because when you buy real estate in one of these protected places you sleep all night, and to leave even for a month, and be sure that your property is well guarded.

Calmness the key to health is not worth it to risk.