1. Harms the teeth. We all know that sugar triggers the development of caries destroys tooth enamel. But you should pay attention to the fact that the harm of sugar is largely dependent on the duration of exposure, and not from its concentration in saliva, i.e. slow rassassyvesa candy would do more harm than quickly eating a piece of chocolate.

2. Loads liver. When ingested sugar in the body, splits into glucose and fructose. Glucose saturates the body with energy, while the fructose accumulates in the liver and is not synthesized within the body. Then it is transformed into glycogen consumed during exercise. The excessive use of sugar, fructose is converted to glycogen, and it is in adipose tissue, as a result of liver problems.

3. Causes diabetes mellitus. Insulin is the "commander in chief" of the glucose. For those with a sweet strain the endocrine system and the cells cease to respond to the constant command of insulin. And that the preconditions for the development of obesity, diseases of heart, vessels and diabetes.

4. A harbinger of cancer. Experts believe that cancer can cause excessive consumption of sweets. Insulin is the main active ingredient that is responsible for cell growth.

5. Weight. The fructose sugar does not cause full saturation, so the person who received empty calories still hungry. As a result, he overeats, and in the future is obesity.

6. Sweet drug. After eating sweets, the body secretes the hormone of pleasure – dopamine, which can cause dependence on its dose. It is worth noting that consumption of naturally sweet foods does not cause such an effect.