Start the fight against cellulite. One of the classic treatments - lymphatic drainage massage. Need to pass five to seven treatments. During this time, there is activation and withdrawal of excess fluid, and improves the movement of lymph. This will lead to skin tightening, and the notorious "orange peel" if not eliminated completely, it will dramatically decrease. Kinds of massage, there are only two: hardware and manual. With highly qualified specialist of a difference in efficacy between them does not exist.

In more advanced cases, if excess weight and inches around the waist seriously poison life should be treated in the clinic of aesthetic medicine. One of the latest developments in the line of procedures – lipotomy. The essence of this technique is to ensure that the problem areas introduced a specialized structure consisting of several elements designed to split the lipocytes. In the subsequent applies ultrasonic massage. After all the techniques in the next two months will be shown unnecessary, split cells. In all that time is lost hated the volume and the figure becomes better and more beautiful.

Muscle toning and electrolipolysis treatments, which are performed by the physiotherapist. These techniques are also quite effective. Their essence is to influence current pathological zone. The result is muscle contraction, increased tone and tissue becomes more elastic. The only downside - it takes quite a large amount of time.

If patience is in the nature abound, you can try the Indonesian recipe against cellulite. For the preparation of the composition need to take:

- coffee grounds;

- tea tree oil (10-12 drops).

Then mix everything until smooth and apply in the shower on the problem areas. Wash off the mixture with cool water.

This technique promotes:

- to improve blood circulation in the tissues;

- helps to cleansed from various toxins;

- increase elasticity of the skin;

- starts metabolic processes, which, in turn, prevents the accumulation of fat in cellulite areas.