Of reasons can swell the cell phone battery a lot. It can be manufacturing defects; the purchase and use of batteries–fraud; long-term storage of the phone with the discharged battery; operation of a telephone in conditions of extreme temperatures. Perhaps you kept your mobile in a room with high temperature and humidity or dropped it. To the swelling of the battery leads and output battery life; water; improper charging of the battery.

Many owners of phones put on charge the battery only after the phone is completely shut down. This is incorrect action may in the future lead to damage and swelling of the battery. The phone needs to be recharged until the charge is still there. This is especially important for batteries which are operated for a long period of time.

Scattered citizens put the phone to charge and forget about its existence for a few hours. This situation may also cause swelling of the battery – the battery needs no recharging.

Those who carelessly handle "tube", with the result that the phones are being hit, or falling into water, will inevitably face the problem of swelling of the battery, as in this case violated his integrity.

Fans to put the phone to charge for a few minutes to have a chance to contemplate a flooded battery of your mobile. The phone should be charged fully.

May suffer and those who carry a spare battery in my pocket along with metallic objects, in the best case it will lead to its swelling, and at worst to a short circuit.

The swelling of the battery and its failure within fourteen days after operation suggests that the buyer is dealing with faulty goods.

Maybe just leave the battery life - because they, like everything in this world is not eternal.

Respect to the phone and its proper operation is a guarantee reliable operation of the battery.