The most frightening disease that can occur in today's world quite often, is called androphobia. This diagnosis from a medical doctor at the map of the patient, means panic and fear of the male sex, the fear of meeting him face to face, or worse – to be alone for a long time.

Girls and women suffering from androphobia recognized that behind the smile of a man, his courtship and gifts, hiding the lies, the deceit, the falsehood and the presence of improper intentions to the women. Most often the reason for the emergence and development of androphobia lie in the past, for example, in early childhood. If the girl had been subjected to physical abuse by the mother, brothers, and especially of fathers, in the future she may develop a fear of the male sex.

Also common cause may be sexual contact occurred without a full, or partial consent of the girl. Thus, the victim will see all around her the men himself, at the memory of that can start of different attacks, reaching up to suicidal intentions. Even worse – if the rapist was a close person (husband, young man, just a friend with whom she worked or studied). In such a situation, she subconsciously will move away from father, relatives half-brothers and best male friends, with whom I was inseparable.

Statistics says that sometimes the appearance of androphobia can serve as the first fear of intimacy. The girl at the same time wants this, but on the other hand, fear and dread are stronger than natural desires, even despite the fact that her choice – close and familiar to her. Thus, fear and desire intersect, as a result, develops a fear of males.

What is fear and why he captivated the minds of young girls? Fear, above all, is in the head. Exactly the same as pain. Fear can be called the illusion, is able to transform the theoretical into reality. This reality is created in the mind and subsequently does not give the girl peace, developing more rapidly and faster. Just so happen the initial stages are totally different phobias, and androphobia is no exception.

The treatment of this disease occurs through complex therapy, hypnosis in particular. The doctor-the therapist should explore the cause of this disease in his patient through conversation. Preferably, if a doctor would be a man – this will be the first step in recovery and the desire to make contact with a representative of the stronger sex. Hypnosis and a variety of talks designed for the awareness of the patient that a man should not cause fear. Man is, above all, protection and support, always able to stand up for the girl, help her and be a kind of stone wall.