Don't need to be taken to abuse children and read to them sermons that the mother is not a workhorse, she does everything for them, and in response, can't hear even a "thank you". You can be absolutely sure that such invocation of the conscience will not be heard by children at all. So, for starters, you need to start with yourself. And it is often the mother of the child thanks for the help, though small? If not thanks, then it is time to start to develop a habit. And also to thank wife for what he was, for example, prepared a wonderful soup, the teachers in the school because they teach children the wisdom of life and scientific knowledge, and even the sales assistant in the store for your help and for your good grace.

Also need children to teach themselves to help others. Maybe parents help in the home? This is a reason to take the child with her. If there is an elderly and lonely neighbor, be sure to buy his products and help to clean the house, involving the child. Let him see how important it is to care and how great it is when a good man, and no less pleasure in response to gratitude.

If the child has the books he has not read and the toys he does not play, you can offer him to postpone separately those who don't mind and take them to the orphanage. And then the child learns to appreciate what he has – a home, toys, books, delicious food and good clothes, and no more is taken for granted.

You should pay attention to the nursery of the child. If he has plenty of toys, and buy him everything he wants, that he will no longer experience joy, but rather, the satisfaction. Therefore, if the child is once again something you want, something you need to discuss with him how he can earn one thing or another, or what to do in order to get it.

If the thing the child really needs, having done what he agreed with the parents and the child will experience greater joy and gratitude than parents will buy him with this. It is not necessary to award the gifts of the child for success in school or winning the competitions. Much better to say, like parents proud of the child and that they have the best. If you give gifts for each win, in the future, you can get into debt.

You need to enter the tradition every day before going to bed to thank all family members for something minor. Thus, the sense and the ability to give thanks does not appear by itself, it needs work.