If you save one unfortunate ruble a day, a few years is much? And if you take a few dozen, which quickly pass? Of course, until that time, the ruble completely devalued, but it is possible to transfer all my savings in that time currency or gold, which will long keep its relevance. After all, the world's production of precious metals in tens times less of a percentage of the total mass of the extracted raw materials. This causes a high price of gold.

Year for the money is nothing. But in fact, long-term deposits even for small percentages can bear fruit in ten years. Suppose you decided to put on Deposit at a miserable ten percent of 1000. Is it money? But you decided to contribute with capitalization. This means that in a year you will have more than 1100 rubles. And after two years this would amount to 1210 rubles. Now do the math how much it will be in ten years, and you are surprised such an interesting arithmetic.

How many times have you had that for committing cool buy not enough accidents 40 cents or even five cents? Because of some little thing like not being able to buy something big. Not a very pleasant situation. Moreover, many it is devastating. Yes, one ruble is quite a bit. But there is another nice point that many do not take into account prior to accumulation of funds.

If you will be every day of delay by the ruble, will form the habit to save money. The quality of your life does not deteriorate. After some time you will be required to defer more to faster went the process of accumulation. And it suggests that you have developed a useful relationship. You will have the desire to increase the dose to get the same satisfaction. And after some time you will consciously sacrifice some benefits to get through some time more. And this is the main action of the most part, successful people. Remember that freedom starts with self-restraint.