First. You need to work with active people who will not wait for instructions from the administration, and will begin to act themselves. They are not used to their customized, so we work exclusively on the result.

Lazy people who do not know what responsibility and discipline in any business harm. They need to drive because of fines will be enough, and the remake is useless.

Therefore, in the interviews the main goal should be this: to find those people who are building their lives and not wasting time foolishly. They are constantly working on themselves and trying to change the world around.

Rules of the selection team

First of all you need to know the plans of the candidate in the near future. And most importantly, what motivates him in life, in addition to financial stability and wealth. It would be nice to know about the past experience, on the team. If you slip the phrase: "the Chief idiot!", you should think about.

The interview is only the first, but not last stage. It may not fully known to man. Therefore, without testing job anywhere. There is one very simple but effective technique. Give each candidate a small projects and provide freedom. Any tips, comments, and control. Full self-realization. And the best will manifest itself when performing this task.

Do not forget about the most common mistakes.

First, the most critical thing. Why some entrepreneurs tend to hire those people who are like them. This is especially true of beginners. They hire the same potential of the business and invest time, money training. But somehow, these students after successful internships run away and open a business? And it happens very often. So you should always remember that the best employees are obtained from those employees for whom stability and financial security are at the main location. It is necessary to know at the interview.

Second mistake. I want to take those people who need help. But what has been achieved? Because they are Central to any business. If the person doesn't have them, the time lost, there is no profit. You should not take for work of relatives and friends. To dismiss them would be very difficult.

The third mistake – liked candidate. It is worth repeating that the main results achieved so far man. Judged by criteria such as likes, dislikes – it is unwise and risky.

Do not take people into your business who do not have the inner strength and discipline. They tend to go with the flow and they need to constantly podpisyvat", and this slows down the overall process.

The task of a successful businessman is to inspire, to lead. Therefore, all idlers and loafers must be eliminated at the interview stage. But it is enough to give them a test and all will become clear.