Clearly define standing in front of you a business task and try to bring it to those people who I know well. We are talking about close relatives, friends and former work colleagues. There is a perception that to start business with friends and family is not worth it. This is the truth, but not always. You know these people very well, their strengths and weaknesses. You can trust them. There are many examples of successful family businesses, when the spouses or children and parents complement each other in a business venture.
Find the online business portals to discuss business issues. Very often you can meet people who themselves are in search of business partners. Communicate on the website with the same interests can be a starting point for future fruitful cooperation. You can also place your own ad looking for a business partner in specialized publications. This increases the chances of success.
Find out if your city or region the business community. In such formal or informal structure deal with many issues, including those associated with participation in joint business projects. Acquainted with local entrepreneurs, you will establish useful connections and acquaintances. Join a business club, you will be able over time to gain confidence and to enlist the recommendations of an experienced and reputable businessmen.
Choosing a business partner, try to find a man who would fit your level of training in business and had a similar entrepreneurial ambitions. If you are a savvy programmer, looking for an equally experienced Manager. It is desirable that the partner complements your valuable business traits. There are other criteria that you will be able to make a friendly team: the mutual sympathy and, oddly enough, a similar sense of humor.
Discussing with a potential partner the possibility of doing business together, don't hesitate to put their conditions. It's not just about equitable distribution of responsibilities, but also about the financial remuneration. In these matters you should not rely on a gentleman's agreement, even if you have established some trust. It is best to negotiate all the terms of the partnership and write them down in a formal Treaty signed by the notary. Otherwise, in the event of unforeseen circumstances you can not avoid conflict.