Much better for business if to make it official. No basements with a dark past. It is recommended to start with open gym is designed for people with low and middle level earnings. That is to make a profit due to the large number of visitors.

Hall needs to fully function on a daily basis from morning to late evening. Ideally, all around the clock.

After all, someone will be able to do, only after someone only in the early morning, and someone will be comfortable only at night. Because people are different.

In the beginning you can do without the sauna and swimming pool, then as business development, we can think about it.

Customers will be able to visit the hall as a one-entry passes and monthly passes. Prices should vary, depending on the time of the visit and the availability of a personal trainer. The more popular the time of the visit, the more expensive should be a subscription at this time.

The hall must be equipped with quality equipment, without the Chinese software for up to three months. Pancakes, dumbbells, skipping ropes and other sports equipment should be in excess, so that the customer is not standing in line for sports equipment.

The equipment must be designed, men and women. In addition to the strength training needs to be simulators, allowing to train endurance and to drop unwanted weight.

The availability of sufficient equipment immediately – will cost a pretty penny to the owner of the business. Therefore, sports equipment rent lease, can be a not bad way out of the situation.

For the successful management of this type of business will need to attract hired personnel. It will be at least 2 instructors working at a time, in the future, the number of instructors should be increased. In addition, you will need an administrator and they must also be at least two, as work will also take turns, and of course, at least one worker.

As business development and overcoming the break-even point, you can think about building a network of their gyms.