If among your relatives there are elderly or you have problems with blood pressure, a blood pressure cuff will be one of the necessary medical devices and you'll need to buy. But not all blood pressure monitors is equally easy to use. Let's think about what parameters you should pay attention to select the most appropriate blood pressure monitor.

1. The type of tonometer

Today you can buy automatic, semi-automatic and automatic blood pressure cuff. The first of these is familiar to older people, since this was used in Soviet times every physician. The second and third modern development. Measurement of pressure with them is almost fully automated (pressure the device measures itself and it is displayed on the LCD display. The difference between automatic and semi-automatic sphygmomanometers only in the pumping mechanism pressure cuff - manual (pear) or with the built-in electric pump.

Useful tip: if you are not familiar with the principles of pressure measurement, do not select the mechanical tonometer! By the way, such a device is inconvenient to use for measuring the pressure itself.

2. Additional features

Many current models of blood pressure monitors make it possible not only to measure blood pressure and determine the pulse, note the presence of arrhythmia. Conveniently also, if the blood pressure monitor stores the last pressure value in memory.

3. Price of blood pressure monitor

Important for many of us factor. Most cheap tonometer - mechanical. The most expensive type - automatic, but we must remember that prices on blood pressure machines from different manufacturers vary very much.

Helpful hint: before buying the blood pressure, check with your doctor, pharmacist, selling these lamps, look for reviews online about any model. Likely medical professionals and experienced patients already found the existing hidden defects of the model.