Everything is completely depends on your wishes, but professionals recommend to buy transparent pots. With their help, we can clearly monitor the status of the root system of plants, and carefully observe the appearance of pests. In addition, the transparent pot helps to understand, you need to water the plant or not yet.

As for the choice of soil, here we are offered the classic version - a mixture of sphagnum moss, bark and perlite.

There are many reasons why a Phalaenopsis Orchid may need a transplant. But in General this process is not complicated.

First, you need to take the pot and fill it one third with fresh substrate, putting it on the bottom layer and drainage type. All yellow leaves should be removed, as they are meaningless.

Next, you need to lay the roots of the orchids on the substrate, and then sprinkle them with the soil: the roots must be carefully pressed, and then pour some more land. Not fit in the pot the roots should be left above the soil surface. If most of the roots of the orchids clipped, it needs to be strengthened with wooden sticks. That's all, the process is extremely simple.