Common causes of lack of orgasm in women

Speaking about anorgasmia, you need to understand that it is different. Someone does not experience orgasm at all, although sex life is regular and varied, someone reaches the peak of pleasure from case to case, and someone stopped to enjoy sex suddenly and without any apparent reason.

There are several degrees of anorgasmia:

1) Absolute. Nothing is unable to bring to orgasm – no sex, no Masturbation, no other ways of stimulating the genitals.

2) Partial. Pleasure comes during Masturbation, but it is impossible to have an orgasm during intercourse.

3) relative. To experience orgasm a woman needs certain conditions – from specific partners to specific actions or posture.

Also anorgasmia can be divided into primary and secondary. In the first case, orgasm was never in the second – the problem was provoked by specific circumstances (physiological or psychological).

Why can't the woman come?

As mentioned above, the lack of orgasm in women may be due to physiology and psychology.

Depression, chronic fatigue, stress, disappearance of attraction to the partner, for example, due to his infidelity, betrayal, or sexual abuse – all psychological factors. They also include complexes about their own bodies, fear of getting pregnant or Contracting a venereal disease, puritanical upbringing, grind into the heads of girls that sex and pleasure from it is a sin.

To physiological causes of lack of orgasm are gynecological diseases, childbirth, surgery, endocrine abnormalities, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. In some situations a woman can't cum during sex because of the medication, such as hormonal contraceptives or antidepressants.

In some situations, the lack of orgasm is due to the incompatibility of the partners in the sexual plan – for example, a man cums before a woman without having to bring it to the peak of pleasure and not wanting to do it other ways due to selfishness or ignorance of the intricacies of sexual art. The shape and size of the penis also matter, but there are more important technique than physiological characteristics.

How to make a woman orgasm

Lack of orgasm significantly reduces the quality of life – it not only triggers psychological problems and complexes, but also negatively affects the health, which is manifested in the form of depression, migraine, depression, diseases of the genitourinary system.

Anorgasmia is not a sentence. This condition is hard, but it is treated, the main thing – time to ask for help and to the gynecologist, and a psychologist, and other specialists, if necessary. Will be assigned to a comprehensive medical examination aimed at detection of disease, anatomical and other variations with further Troubleshooting. To cope with anorgasmia due to psychological problems, a sex therapist will help, in dealing with which the most important is not to be shy and to speak only the truth to speed up the healing process.