Advice 1: Good eating: How to boost immunity

Colds and parasites just the thing for businessmen from medicine. Drugs on the market hundreds. Most moms will agree that modern children get sick more often than twenty years ago. Weakened immune system – a popular diagnosis, which explains half of the ailments.
Good eating: How to boost immunity

The reaction of the immune system are specialized cells (lymphocytes, macrophages) and substances (immunoglobulins). The activity of all body cells is determined by the availability of nutrients, concentration of toxins, metabolic rate. These indicators, in turn, are associated with the function of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, activity of the enzymes. The necessary satellites enzymes are vitamins.


Some sources say that sunlight is able to intensify the work of macrophages. These cells are able to move independently in the blood stream, identifying and eating pathogens. After a brief coverage of the portion of the blood in the vial number of motile cells increased in 10 times. Oriental medicine emphasizes on the body zone, is able to "absorb" the energy of the sun. This palm, folds of the elbows, solar plexus and lower back. Thus, the need to walk and sunbathe.


Delicious food also comes to the rescue. Of course, the diet should contain a lot of vitamins. Greens, fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fish. Beef liver, onions and sweet peppers retain almost 90 percent of vitamin C, if they are quick to fry and season with salt just before serving. Red fish does not require long cooking, it is rich in vitamins A and E, polyunsaturated fats. Red meat, despite years of criticism, gives a set of valuable nutrients. First of all, the iron needed for hematopoiesis, and the "good" cholesterol, which is the basis for half of human hormones.

Oddly enough, hot drinks are also included in the Arsenal. This high-quality coffee and tea stimulate. Red wine helps blood regeneration. Strong drinks in small doses, stimulate the immune system "on the contrary". Ethanol is toxic, and the body to combat it produces extra antibodies and white blood cells.

Honey, even in small amounts, is good. Berries can simply be mixed with honey and nuts or to prepare the mousse. While beating, it is saturated with oxygen. The higher the acidity of the internal environment of the body, the less chance of bacteria.

Bitter chocolate gives strength and simply improves mood. Say that five minutes of laughter replace Cup sour cream. Probably a few minutes of pleasure from a good dessert substitute day holiday. A few big pears can be cut into 8 wedges each, remove seeds and fry in butter, sprinkled with powdered sugar. After 7-10 minutes, transfer to a plate, sprinkle grated nuts and pour melted chocolate.

Advice 2: How to increase good cholesterol

It is known that cholesterolin the blood plasma, contains in pure form and in complex with proteins, the so-called lipoprotein complexes, which possess different physicochemical properties and different impact on health. Thus, the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) form the "bad cholesterol" that is deposited on the walls of blood vessels to cholesterol plaques. In the composition of high-density lipoproteins has alpha-cholesterol, which protects heart and blood vessels of the brain from an excess of "bad" colleagues.
How to increase good cholesterol
Angina and ischemia, heart attacks and strokes, thrombosis and loss of vision – this is not a complete list of diseases that develop due to the increased level of cholesterolin the blood. If you belong to this risk group, then it is time to take action to reduce levels of bad cholesterolin blood. To know their performance, you can contact your doctor and having passed a blood test for cholesterol.
To reduce cholesterolusing drugs that block the synthesis of "bad" cholesteroland at the intermediate stage. It – statins, fibrates, nicotinic acid, "LIPOSTABIL", "Eikonal" and others.
To increase the level of good cholesteroland you need to follow some rules. This is to eat foods that act to increase the alpha-cholesteroland to maintain a high level of physical activity.
The foods that increase good cholesterol, are seaweed, mackerel, cod, herring, red fish, mackerel. Useful daily use of vegetable oil, and is recommended to use them in salads, wheat bran, vegetables and fruits, foods rich in pectin and fiber. Pay special attention to oranges and grapefruits, which reduce the level of bad cholesteroland increase alphacholesterol. Very useful nuts – almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, sesame seeds, they contain monounsaturated fats.
Regular exercise will help reduce weight, which is the main reason of increase of level of cholesterol, and raise levels of good cholesterol. Even small physical activity, but regular, has the effect. It is recommended to do at least 40 minutes a day, definitely including the complex of physical exercises for lower body. Follow the twisting of the spine, tilts and squats, these exercises most help to increase good cholesterol.
Different countries have their own rules of supply, which allow to cope with the increased cholesterol. So the Mediterranean diet is based on the consumption of olive oil, the Japanese – seafood somewhere eating primarily fruits and vegetables. In Russia, for detoxification and strengthening of the faith has traditionally been posts. Unfortunately, traditions are destroyed for the most part, and morbidity has increased significantly.

Advice 3: How to boost immunity

The immune system is weakened due to the reception of potent drugs because of sedentary lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking. To restore the protective properties of the body by using special tools.
How to boost immunity
Make an appointment with the immunologist. To restore the immune system without consulting with a specialist is highly undesirable. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe special drugs that will promptly raise the protective properties of the organism. After completing the course of therapy you will get sick less, and overall health will improve.
When dysbacteriosis immunity is reduced, therefore, restore intestinal flora. Eat fermented milk products like kefir or yogurt. If you are uncomfortable handling them, buy bifidobacteria. They are sold in capsules, liquids, and powder. Follow the instructions attached to the medication.
Take tincture of Echinacea – it boosts the immune system is not worse than drugs. Add 30 ml of water with about 25 drops of Echinacea and drink on an empty stomach. Course of treatment should be 15-30 days, if necessary, may be extended to several months.
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits. The vitamin C that they contain, boosts the immune system. Suitable ascorbic acid in a dose of 500 mg three times a day after or during a meal. If you have abnormalities in the stomach, stop your choice on a water-soluble form of vitamin C. a Pre-consult a gastroenterologist.
Pass the vitamin several times a year to maintain your health. Take vitamin complexes in the spring and fall for 1 month, then take a break. When you intake all the necessary trace elements the immune system will be strengthened.
During treatment, avoid strong alcohol and also harmful products and antibiotics. Otherwise, positive results will follow, and you are just wasting your money.
If You feel that Your immune system needs support, not pull the rubber and immediately try to provide yourself a healthy and proper nutrition, as much as possible diversify your menu at least for a short period of time, discard a variety of diets.
Useful advice
With reduced immunity prepare healthy and tasty mixture of nuts and dried fruits, which strengthens the immune system, gives a surge of courage and strength. Similar properties of Rhodiola rosea increases the body's resistance to infections, boosts immunity, increases physical and mental performance.
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