The reaction of the immune system are specialized cells (lymphocytes, macrophages) and substances (immunoglobulins). The activity of all body cells is determined by the availability of nutrients, concentration of toxins, metabolic rate. These indicators, in turn, are associated with the function of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, activity of the enzymes. The necessary satellites enzymes are vitamins.


Some sources say that sunlight is able to intensify the work of macrophages. These cells are able to move independently in the blood stream, identifying and eating pathogens. After a brief coverage of the portion of the blood in the vial number of motile cells increased in 10 times. Oriental medicine emphasizes on the body zone, is able to "absorb" the energy of the sun. This palm, folds of the elbows, solar plexus and lower back. Thus, the need to walk and sunbathe.


Delicious food also comes to the rescue. Of course, the diet should contain a lot of vitamins. Greens, fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fish. Beef liver, onions and sweet peppers retain almost 90 percent of vitamin C, if they are quick to fry and season with salt just before serving. Red fish does not require long cooking, it is rich in vitamins A and E, polyunsaturated fats. Red meat, despite years of criticism, gives a set of valuable nutrients. First of all, the iron needed for hematopoiesis, and the "good" cholesterol, which is the basis for half of human hormones.

Oddly enough, hot drinks are also included in the Arsenal. This high-quality coffee and tea stimulate. Red wine helps blood regeneration. Strong drinks in small doses, stimulate the immune system "on the contrary". Ethanol is toxic, and the body to combat it produces extra antibodies and white blood cells.

Honey, even in small amounts, is good. Berries can simply be mixed with honey and nuts or to prepare the mousse. While beating, it is saturated with oxygen. The higher the acidity of the internal environment of the body, the less chance of bacteria.

Bitter chocolate gives strength and simply improves mood. Say that five minutes of laughter replace Cup sour cream. Probably a few minutes of pleasure from a good dessert substitute day holiday. A few big pears can be cut into 8 wedges each, remove seeds and fry in butter, sprinkled with powdered sugar. After 7-10 minutes, transfer to a plate, sprinkle grated nuts and pour melted chocolate.