The basic element during Assembly of the personal computer is the motherboard. From this device will depend on the choice of all other components. It is very important to choose the right model of the motherboard, based on the preferences for other devices.

After selecting a motherboard you need to find the rest of the equipment. You must consider your financial capabilities and needs. When you purchase components in advance is recommended to choose the right model of a specific device. This will allow you to build a computer with balanced parameters. For example, do not buy a too powerful processor, saving on the motherboard and RAM.

Now you need to choose the computer case. Make sure that it matches the form factor of the motherboard. This will avoid difficulties when installing equipment inside the case. Be sure to consider the cooling system. Think about how much you need coolers and where it is better to install.

After the purchase of components necessary to proceed directly to the Assembly. You'll need a set of Phillips screwdrivers and thermal paste. Last accessory is often sold in kit with the CPU. Begin Assembly with the preparation of the system unit and installation of the motherboard. In advance remove the metal plate from the back of the unit. It is necessary to install a graphics card and PCI devices.

Now you need to install the CPU, apply the thermal grease and to engage in the installation of the cooler. Recommend to connect power cable and additional cables to the motherboard. Some wire is quite difficult to connect after the installation of the remaining components. Install the remaining device in the designated slots and check the functionality of the computer.