Sofia. This name in 2016 will give preference to most young parents. Sophia in translation from Greek means "wise" or "prudent." Little Sofia is growing active and social. The school has good thanks to sharp mind, excellent memory and perseverance. Growing up, Sofia becomes a very attractive girl, drawing the attention from the opposite sex. Sofia clearly define the main objectives in life and strive to implement it. A woman with this name is able to listen carefully to the interlocutor, sincere delving into his problems, so people are drawn to it. Due to its sociability Sofia quickly moves up the career ladder. Family life requires her husband's full commitment, wants to feel loved and cherished. If in your personal life it will be lack of passion, it can break a happy marriage for a new love affair.

Alice. This beautiful woman's name will be no less popular in 2016. From childhood Alice exhibits such traits as activity and optimism. At first glance, Alice seems shy and quiet girl, but should you look closely, it becomes clear that behind the calm exterior hides a strong and determined person. A woman with the same name must always bring the matter to the end. In society Alice evokes sympathy and admiration. Alice makes a wonderful philologists, art historians, artists, stylists, designers, journalists and singers. Family life she runs without too much difficulty. If the husband will be able to appreciate what a loyal, devoted and caring wife he got, the marriage will be strong and successful. If Alice will face jealousy, mistrust or betrayal from their partner, then divorce is likely inevitable.

Victoria. Translated from the Latin name Victoria means "victory" or "winner". In childhood Vika peaceful, slow and dreamy girl. In games with other children is never a ringleader, content with minor roles. In his youth, Victoria quickened, her character begins to manifest traits such as aggressiveness, cunning, stubbornness, mobility and business activity. But along with volitional qualities, Victoria remains indecisive, shy and amorous person. To hide their shortcomings, Vika shows excessive pretentiousness which sometimes is expressed in a very bizarre form: too extravagant attire, the sharp smell of spirits, defiant behavior, etc. In the professional activities of Viktoriya most often chooses the profession of teacher, educator, pediatrician, nurses. Personal life she very carefully chooses a partner, even married, can doubt the correctness of this step. The perfect husband for Victoria can be attentive, sensitive and caring man who will give her the confidence in their abilities.

Pauline. Polina grows flexible, friendly and responsive girl. In school years, Pauline tries to keep up with fashion. The name Polina music, so his owner sing well and write poems. Externally Polina gives the impression of a proud, unapproachable girl, but she is modest and diffident man. Pauline was quick to anger, she couldn't argue and immediately goes to the Creek. Girls with this name are by nature creative nature, so they make a wonderful actress, singer, writer and artists. Other professions Pauline is calm, but shows commitment and integrity. She loves children, easily find common language with them, so it may be an excellent teacher or educator. In family life, Pauline caring wife and mother, knows how to cook and supports a cosiness in the house, but, nevertheless, to economic Affairs is one of cold.

Barbarian. The name Barbara is of Latin origin and means "inozemka", "savage". A girl named Varya grows kind, smiling and modest girl. Outwardly a barbarian like his father. Growing up, Barbara is even more closed in itself, and in communicating even with the closest people prefer to keep a distance, not letting anyone into his inner world. A girl with the same name has a great taste, so she will approach the profession of fashion models, designer, stylist or artist. By nature, Barbara is very susceptible, so prone to err in choosing a partner. A happy marriage of Varya is only possible with a man-a father who is willing to tolerate all her antics. Barbara is a great hostess, her house is always clean and cozy.

Anastasia. The name Anastasia in Greek language means "reborn" or "resurrected". Anastasia, as a rule, long-awaited and beloved child, she is her father's favorite. Little Nastya adorable, admire her in kindergarten and in school. She loves to read fairy tales, to dream and fantasize. An integral part of nature, inherent in that name is hard work, however, excessive dreaminess inherent Nastya, can distract her important things. Anastasia of good, sincere and helpful, so often choose a profession where she can help people (nurse, doctor, psychologist, educator, social worker, etc.). Anastasia is a true mistress, she knows how to sew, knit and cook. As a husband chooses a strong willed man to feel protected.

Elizabeth. As a child, Elizabeth is cheerful, playful, frisky and intelligent girl. The school has good in those subjects, which is really interesting. Discipline Lisa there are problems, as she doesn't like to obey the generally accepted rules and norms. Adult Elizabeth is narcissistic, impulsive, imperious and dogmatic. The tendency to engage in conflict has a negative impact on relationships with colleagues, Lisa loves to gossip and intrigue. In the women's team Elizabeth prefers to be a leader. The perfect areas for all owners of this name is TV and radio journalism. First place in the life of Elizabeth is family, she's the perfect housewife, a perfect wife and mother.

Daria. Little Dasha grows obedient, intelligent, artistic and sociable girl. In school she loves to command over their peers and may even join the fray. Dasha is a very sociable child, she is constantly important in society, it can not stand alone. Growing up, Daria is a bright personality, she's pretty, charming and witty. The girl with the same name in dire need of love, so quick to fall in love and sometimes can not distinguish simple affection from sexual desire. Profession Dasha chooses in accordance with their abilities and capabilities, often works as a translator, engineer, teacher and Secretary. In family relations is trying to become a leader, wants to be independent, but infidelity will not go.

Eve. As a child, eve might seem shy and naive child, but really she just doesn't know how to Express their emotions, parents need to put a lot of effort to teach her how to show her feelings. Adult eve you'll be a strong-willed character, her inherent traits such as poise, restraint, care and prudence. A woman with the same name has a high level of intelligence, her mind flexible and resourceful. With regard to professional activities, the Eva can work as a doctor, teacher, translator and journalist. In relationships with men rationality goes by the wayside, eve turns into a gentle and sensual girl. The family of Eva prefers to dominate, but does so very gently and tactfully. She is a wonderful hostess and a wonderful cook.

Diana. In infancy Diana is in poor health, it is constantly sticking all sorts of infection, but with age her immune system is strengthened. The owner of this beautiful name is an energetic, cheerful and sensual nature. Diane abhors monotony, so it does not fit a profession that requires perseverance, care and thoroughness. It can achieve success in creativity and business. Diana had a warm heart, so she doesn't like the cold and indifferent people. Diana cute and charming, she can charm any man. Married Diana manifests itself as a caring wife and mother.

Also in 2016 will be popular beautiful female names as Ustin, Miroslav, Bertha, Emma, Milana, Bella, Teresa, Pelagia and Maya.