This year is a leap year. "Biodynamic" year of Mars starts not from 1 January and 20 March (in a normal year, with March 21), the vernal equinox.

According to old observations in a year in the world of green plants, their main energy is directed to the formation of branches, trunks, stems, and in the end result - fruiting and harvesting. In the year of Mars is always encouraging a great "crop" of weeds that are raging not only on the roadsides and vacant lots, and strive to earn and cultivated garden areas.

In "the Martian" year is always a lot of nettles, thistles, yarrow, dandelion, horseradish. Toilers of land and will have to work hard in the fight against weed competition. But weeds are weeds and which crops will delight in the 2016 farmers?

First of all is the tomatoes. Tomato will be king for yield in burning a year of Mars. Of course, the immediate family of the "king" does not disappoint. There is a good crop of sweet pepper and bitter pepper. Will not fail such vegetables as: garlic, onion and leeks, radish, radish, fragrant Basil.

Mars favors the abundant harvest of grapes. Pumpkin, a lover of the sun, will also be on top. Among house plants, as the spines-cacti, aloes and beautiful pelargonium will "swim" in the praise.