Advice 1: Why seedlings of pepper yellow

Yellowing of the seedlings of pepper is quite a frequent phenomenon. In some cases, especially when only yellow lower leaves, to be calm. If yellow and upper leaves, escape, avoid death of plants urgently need to take action, and to do this, first find out the causes of what is happening.
Why seedlings of pepper yellow

Growing seedlings is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. If you do not take care of the seedlings properly and not create the necessary conditions for particular types of seedlings, they can die in a matter of days. The first signs of the death of the plant yellowing of the leaves. Yellowing foliage can cause stress, which, in turn, the plants receive as a result of improper selection of soil, lack of certain nutrients, lack of proper care.

If you notice that the peppers seedlings started yellowing lower leaves, and yellowing gradually rises to the upper leaves, in this case, the most likely cause of this phenomenon - the lack of nitrogen in the soil. Be sure to feed the seedlings a nitrogen product (ammonium nitrate or urea) and complex fertilizer, comprising the following elements: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus (yellow if only the lower leaves), iron, boron, zinc (if yellow and upper leaves). To understand that the seedlings do not have enough nitrogen, it is easy, first sign - blanching of the leaves with proper lighting. As soon as you notice this change, do not expect more serious consequences, and urgently feed the seedlings. To do this in five liters of room temperature water and dissolve a teaspoon of ammonium nitrate, stir and pour over plants, in any case, not pouring them. As the solution prepared according to this recipe, is very weak, it can be used as foliar feeding, that is, to spray the pepper spray.

Also yellowing of the foliage may occur as a result of the fact that at the time of transplant was not straightened roots of seedlings, which negatively affected the seedlings. In this case, will help careful removing plants from the pots and unraveling their roots. This should be done on the third or fourth day after watering, after transplanting, the seedlings must be watered with soft water at room temperature. Often the yellowing of leaves of pepper causes the damage of the roots of various pests. Inspect the ground, slightly proryhlit it, if you notice any insects, then do not hesitate and replace the soil to uninfected.

Remember, if the seedling has a height of more than 10-15 cm and yellow only lower leaves, then sound the alarm is not necessary, as this is a normal process and it is connected with growing plants. Seedlings of peppers like sun, but can not stand stay at the direct rays of the sun, so try to create such conditions so that the seedlings received only ambient light. Don't forget daily to ventilate the room with fresh air positively affects the General condition of seedlings and helps to more quickly overcome and all kinds of disease.

Advice 2: Why yellow monstera

Sooner or later every gardener-Amateur comes to the decision to grow home beauty monstera. Large carved shiny leaves, rich green color, residentst – all are captivated by this charming indoor plant. However, very often, novice growers are upset, noting on it the drying, yellowing or withered leaves. No need to get upset, just need to know why yellow monstera, and to prevent it.
Why yellow monstera
Carefully inspect the flower. If yellowed lower leaves (yellow, like blurry spots appear brown spots), and the emergent leaves are small and dark, most likely, the monster is not enough moisture. Increase watering.If all the leaves turn yellow, they have a pale color, so your monstera, by contrast, gets too much sunlight. Remove it from the direct sun light or create a shadow by placing a screen or closing the window loose curtain. The lack of light monstera leaves also turn yellow and fall off. If not to take urgent measures to rescue, over time, you can observe the bare stem (the leaves have all fallen) and small pale green leaves on top. Monstera will not thrive in deep shade, move it closer to the window.If monstera leaves turn yellow and along with this you notice signs of rotting and decay, the reason may lie in the oversaturation. Limit watering and yellowing leaves just delete. If discovered badly rotten roots, remove the monster from the pot, gently anthracite the butt, cut the rotten roots (they should be well visible), then sprinkle with the charcoal powder. Then plant a flower in a pot of smaller size, sprinkle moist soil, slightly compact the soil with your fingers. Three days do not water the plant.Rotting and withering, and yet the leaves still yellow? Feed the plant, perhaps it is experiencing an acute shortage of supply. As top dressing, dissolve in 3 liters of water 1 tablespoon of "Effekton for flowers" or 1 teaspoon of fertilizers Agricole for ornamental plants". Suit and the usual wood ash – 2 tablespoons per 3 liters of water. And with the onset of spring or autumn, prepare more nutritious soil (2 parts loam, and humus and 1 part of river sand and peat) and transplant monstera. You can buy ready ground from a retailer. Yellow spots on leaves can be caused by pests – spider mites or scale insects. Treat monstera special preparations. For example, means "Akhtar" or "Fitoverm" (carefully read the instructions on the packaging).Monstera leaves are yellow, covered with brown spots and fall off when dry and too hot air in the house. Move the plant from the battery, often spray it with cool water and throw a shower in the bathroom. Monstera will be grateful to you.
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