Marie Kondo recommends that you get rid of those things that did not please you. Every item in the house, according to famous Japanese women, has a purpose - to please or to perform useful functions. Other things we can safely throw away or give away in good hands. Thus you can get rid of entire mountains unnecessary. Magic cleaning Marie Kondo includes the process of parting with the old, or the wrong things. Be sure to thank the subjects for what they've served you before to part with them.
A guru in the field of restoring order confident that under storage in the apartment stands out too much space. Marie Kondo says that instead of buying a regular wardrobe, you can reorganize the space in the existing ones. After getting rid of unnecessary things on the Japanese system for the storage required is much less. Clothes Kondo recommends to turn off in rolls and put in the boxes vertically. Hanging stuff in the closet, group them by color and seasonality. Marie says it is better to hang up at first dark and warm clothes, and then light and easy.
Marie Kondo in his book "Magical housekeeping. Japanese method to restore order at home and in life" pays special attention to accessories storage. Some of them she likes, others she, on the contrary, criticizes. Specialist cleaning recommends that you use different separators for the drawers. These things greatly facilitate the process of storing and using kitchen appliances. But the containers and cartons for different items to purchase Marie advises. According to famous Japanese women, they just take up extra space.
Professional to eliminate the mess in the apartment says that it is easier to clean a little every day, choosing not the whole room to restore order, but only one area. It's easier to maintain cleanliness and order in the premises. Marie Kondo says that should get rid of trinkets, as their owners gradually lose their individuality. Another useful tip by the famous Japanese - to store information primarily in electronic media. Old magazines, books, notepads, notebooks will not clutter up your apartment.