You will need
  • knife;
  • rope;
  • - cloth napkins;
  • - a basin or bucket;
  • - soldering lpma;
  • - water.
Do not feed the pig before slaughter. Be sure to withstand time 10 — 12 hours. At this time the pig is not given food but water can be given to drink in large quantities.
Hang the pig in the vertical position and strike. Ways of slaughter there are several: can the knife cut the carotid artery at the base of the neck, or to strike at the heart. In the first case, the carcass very quickly obstruida. But in the second case, it is recommended stab hole to close immediately dry with a clean cloth and the blood to collect just before you start butchering. In any case, the pig must be long enough to be in limbo, to let the blood out: the less it remains, the better will be the meat of a pig. Besides, if it's not enough to pull the blood, the shelf life of pork will be much less.
Sear the bristles or remove the skin from the pig. Often, of course, produce only a thorough singeing the hides. The bristles should singe or a special burner, or blow torch, and then scrape off the charred top layer with a knife. Should be watered with warm water and scrape the skin until then, until the carcass of the pig is clean. Only this method provides the softness of bacon manufactured from pork meat.
Have carcass. First and foremost, in the thoracic cavity it is necessary to collect the blood. Under the carcass of pigs fills a basin, into which flows blood. Then exsanguinated carcass to wipe wipes of a clean cloth. Inside the carcass is not washed – that pork can spoil quickly. Then from the carcass and remove all the innards, and the procedure is completed.