Prepare the soil

Social network is a community of many thousands of different people with a different worldview and different interests and Hobbies. But the creation of any, even the largest social network always begins with the development of a small community whose members can be only a few people. Therefore, to create a social network, you have to first "roll out" such a group, to make it as well known in the Internet space.

To create a social network of their own, need time

So, first decide the theme of your mini-club. It can be completely arbitrary and apply to all spheres of life, ranging from extreme sports to, for example, history of the middle ages. You need all ways to bring in your new group of people to post information about it in blogs and forums. Necessarily need to visit places and entertainment venues where you can meet potential members of your community.

To promote the social network on their own, it is necessary to find existing online similar community. Try to arrange between them and your team share news, links, other information. From time to time will be useful to meet members of your community "in real life", inviting them everyone. Not superfluous to create a separate web page or even an entire website dedicated to your group. It should be noted that the period of the creation of the social network may take a considerable period of time, from several months to several years.

To promote a social network for free is quite real!

Once your restricted subject community which will consist of 100-150 members, to begin work on its transformation into a full-fledged social network. To do this you need to move it to a more powerful platform. To create a social network for free, use the services of numerous Internet hosting and specialized services like VirusBulletin or MySpace, posting which requires no financial investment. They allow you to create hundreds of new modules and is designed for the online presence of many thousands of users.

Any social network should contain a minimum of 10 modules, which perform the function of attracting new members. In the module "Forum" is the communication of the members of the social network, the exchange of opinions between them. The "Chat" module is also intended to communicate, but in real-time. In the module "Meetings" members of the social network arranging meetings, and in the module "Places" to share impressions from visiting the cafes, clubs, cinemas, and other establishments.

Constantly updating the information in the modules and sections, actively attracting new people, you will soon be able to create a full social network, the members of which will be tens and hundreds of thousands of participants.