Advice 1: How to download google map, yandex in high resolution?

Need a map of any place in high resolution? And when you save the screenshot of Yandex.Maps or google maps results in images of poor quality? From the article, you will learn how to map any quality.
Map of Moscow and near Podmoskovya
You will need
  • - the program SASPlanet
Problem statement:
- Aware of the map, where exactly you need and decide what it should be quality. For example, we need a map of the city of Ekibastuz in Kazakhstan, the quality on the map to read street names and house numbers.
Installation :
- Download the program SASPlanet here (choose the latest version of the program).
- Unpack the archive (program installation not needed) to any directory.
The current version of the program
- Run the program (file SASPlanet.exe).
- Choose map source “Internet and cache”.
If no keys are pressed, change the settings of Windows display scaling at 100%
- Enter the name of the place card that you are looking for. In our case it is the city of Ekibastuz.
Choose graphical or satellite map of the searched location.
Plug those layers that we will need to see on the map.
Using the tools provided by the program, and choose the area that we want to see in the result. In our case, we chose a rectangular area (here it is possible to "play" and draw almost any figure, either select a region on screen size) .
Downloading the map. Once you have selected a region, a dialog box appears. Choose zoom. The larger the scale choose, the better will the final picture.
After clicking "Start" will start the process of downloading parts of the map (time depends on the chosen scale). Once the map is downloaded (100% complete), press "Exit".
Now you have to stitch the downloaded pieces of the map - tiles. Click previous selection.
Choose the second tab (glue) in the dialog box and set:
1. The result format (jpg, bmp, png, etc.).
2. Where to save (the path where will be stored the result of gluing).
3. The type of map (google, yandex, kosmosnimki, etc.).
4. Scale (remember what was chosen in step 9, but you can choose another).
5. What layers to overlay.

Press "Start".
Pick up your card!

Advice 2 : How to install Yandex.Tube to phone

The Application Yandex.Card Stopper will timely inform you about the traffic situation and help you choose the right route. Install the mobile application and you will be able to monitor what is happening on the road with the screen of your mobile phone.
How to install Yandex.Tube to phone
You will need
  • a mobile phone configured with a GPRS-Internet.
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
With the help of computer to go to the web page of the site Yandex.Mobile. In the form at the top right of the page, enter the number of your mobile phone and click "Get link". Get the number of the phone an SMS message containing a link to install the application Yandex.Card to your phone.
Type in the browser of your mobile phone address download app Yandex.Maps directly to your phone.
Enter in the form on the page of Yandex.Mobile ( the make and model of your mobile phone and hit "Download app". Download the app to your computer and then install it on your mobile phone.If you know which version of the application Yandex.Card suitable for your model of phoneuse on the same page, a direct link to download the app.
With the help of an installed application Yandex.Card you will be able to determine the location and direction of movement only in the presence of an internal or external GPS receiver.
Useful advice
If your telephone is not configured for GPRS-Internet, you will be able to use the link "Configure the Internet" at the top of the web page independent of the application installation. In the opened window enter the name of your operator, enter the phone model and number. Will receive an SMS with automatic settings for GPRS-Internet.

Mobile Yandex maps is available at directly from your mobile phone.

If your city isn't on Yandex.Cards, you can create the card yourself using the service people's map Yandex. This web editor allows users to create diagrams of settlements on top of satellite images.

On the web page, install the application Yandex.Mobile ( available with direct links to download app Yandex.Maps of different versions, Simbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Android, WinCE.
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