How to operate an aircraft carrier in battle

Tactical component carrier is air strikes at long range and detect the enemy early in the fight. Since the carrier does not have sufficient artillery, to sail ahead to the enemy is meaningless. You should place the carrier as far as possible on the battlefield. Though the ship has a significant air defense forces, it is better to seek the cover of allied ships. Fast destroyers, breaking to your vehicle, can cause him great damage and will prevent the departure of aircraft from the upper deck.

World of warships

Managing carrier as a ship, is no different from managing other ships. By choosing the carrier, go to the battle mode from "above". Click the LMB in the right square of the battlefield and freely go. But it's much better to use to travel complex routes. It can confuse the opponent, if he finds you. To build a "curve" route of the vehicle, you must hold down the Shift key to specify the point on the map, through which will pass the path of the carrier.

How to control the aircraft in World of Warships

The main armament of the aircraft carrier squadrons are located on it. Squadrons are divided by types are in their planes: fighters, bombers, torpedo bombers.

The torpedo and bombing planes occurs according to a similar principle. There are two modes of attack bombers and torpedo bombers: automatic and manual.

In automatic mode, selecting a group of planes and putting the LMB on the target, they will go to attack the ship. At the same time around the goal is indicated by a dotted area in which the aircraft will continuously attack the target. Appeared the arrow indicates the direction in which the torpedo will take a course for a purpose. Rate time can be changed by pressing the RMB on the arrow and dragging it around the circumference. The bar indicates the presumed course of the torpedoes and their variation. The automatic variant of the attack is not only suitable for beginners. If the carrier is under fire of the enemy, this attack is the fastest.

World of warships

World of warships

When attacking in manual mode, you must select a group of torpedo planes or bombers and hold down the Alt key, choose the drop zone. In such an attack you will be able to take into account the maneuvers of the enemy, as when the automatic reset is only taken into account not taken into account the possibility of maneuvering. Also if this attack, you need to calculate ahead of the start of torpedoes or bombs, taking into account the speed of the enemy and point of approach of the aircraft to the target.

Managing fighter aircraft in World of Warships

A group of fighter planes used to detect enemy and to conduct air combat with his aircraft. There are a few tasks for the fighters. In order that the fighters were accompanied by Union ships, you must select a group of fighters and to indicate coatings on the ally.

In order for the fighters guarding the bombers and torpedo planes, it is necessary to choose a group of fighters and point the paintwork on the Federal group of aircraft. The fighters will join the battle only when the enemy will attack bombers or torpedo bombers.

For direct air combat, you must select a group of fighters to specify the LMB on the enemy squadron.