To improve the growth of eyelashes a good vitamin-enriched oil - dog rose, sea buckthorn, castor with vitamin a or with a couple drops of carrot juice. Using a small brush, perform a gentle massage of the eyelids along the line of growth. Do massage gently so that the oil does not get into the eyes.

Strengthen lashes and accelerate their growth will help the mixture of castor oil and rum in the ratio 1:1. This mixture can only be applied on the lashes, in any case it should not fall on skin or eyes.

The thickness and growth of eyelashes promotes the mixture of vaseline and castor oil in ratio 1:0,5. Vaseline softens the hairs and makes them Shine, and castor oil nourishes.

If your eyelids respond well to vegetable mixture, eyelash growth you can use massage a mixture of vegetable oil, finely chopped parsley and aloe juice. Massage with these components increases their effect and promotes rapid growth of eyelashes. Massage you must run lightly along the lash line.

A great way to accelerate the growth of eyelashes and strengthening are lotions from the infusion of cornflowers and calendula. Fill these flowers with boiling water and allow to stand for three days. When the infusion is ready, soak cotton pads in it and apply to the lashes for 15 moments.

Well stimulates the growth of eyelashes a mixture of castor oil, almond, olive, fish oil and burdock oil. The main strengthening component in this mixture is an oil solution of vitamin E. Use this remedy within a month, a few times a year.

Another means of helping to strengthen lashes and necessary for their growth - a mixture of castor oil, petrolatum, Peruvian balsam, or balm of shestakovskoe. All components must mix up and apply on eyelashes.. Lubricate cilia with this ointment twice a day. To the eye the composition is harmless, so you can safely flush it.