You will need
  • - chamomile tea or a brew of black tea;
  • - castor, pink, or olive oil;
  • - infusion of marigold;
  • - vitamin E.
Before bed every day, brushing your eyelashes from the remnants of the makeup, remove mascara and shadow. In the dream, your eyelashes need to breathe freely.
After removing makeup, wipe with a cotton pad eyelash chamomile extract or brewing black tea. This will help to strengthen them and make it less brittle.
Morning and evening, comb your lashes with a special brush. For this fit the brush, cleaned out and used mascara or gel for eyelashes.
Before combing wet brush castor, pink, or olive oil. This procedure will accelerate the growth of eyelashes.
To make eyelashes thick in home conditions will help the weekly packs. Make a compress with a solution of tincture cornflower, black tea and calendula. Moisten a cotton pad according to the composition and leave on eyelids for twenty minutes.
When inflammation of the eyelids, use tincture of calendula or eucalyptus. The lashes will be healthy and thick only in conjunction with a healthy for centuries.
To make lashes look dark and thick, take castor oil and add a few drops of vitamin A. Put them eyelashes a couple of times a day, then a week to notice visible results. They acquire intense color and Shine.
To strengthen lashes mix in equal parts burdock oil, aloe juice, castor oil and a few drops of vitamin E. the mixture can be stored in an empty tube of used mascara. Use this part during the month daily.
To power the eyelashes and accelerate their growth, make a poultice of peach oil. Blot it with a cotton swab and put it on the eyelids, covering her eyelashes. Leave in this position for five minutes. This procedure will make your lashes thick and healthy and stop hair loss.
Alternate daily use of fir, sea buckthorn and castor oil. They carry a different charge of nutrients and minerals, each in its own way is useful for eyelashes.
Include in your diet almonds and spinach. They are not only rich in trace elements that are beneficial to the lashes, but also vitamin E, which accelerates their growth.