The control of ants should start as soon as you notice data insects in the apartment. To get rid of them though is not easy, but it is really, most importantly, to know effective ways. It is worth remembering that just to get rid of visible ants - a useless thing, because if you destroy them, then after a while they will be replaced by a new one.

The only method that gives 100% destruction of these insects is to contribute to the ants bring to their nests to eat. Folk remedies against ants in the apartment mainly based on the use of this product boric acid (this substance is very toxic to the ants due to its ability to erode the cover on the body data of the fauna).

So, take a small amount of sugar, the same of honey and boric acid, add to the mixture enough water to make a very thick syrup (it should be noted that the amount of boric acid should not exceed 1/3 part of the mixture, or "treat" ahead of time will kill insects, not allowing them to bring the poison to their nests).

After the mixture is ready, pour it in small containers such as caps, and set in places of the greatest congestion of ants. Leave the mixture for a week, with this watch: if your content is dry, then add a new portion. If your house has Pets, please observe precautions: place the "treat" where the pet can't reach.

To repel ants you can use mint, tarragon and elderberry: need to rap with your hands the leaves of these plants, pour their unrefined oil, put the mixture into a wide container and place in places of a congestion of insects. The smell of such a mixture is intolerable to ants.

With regard to the purchase chemicals, which are able to help in the fight against ants, they include the Raptor, Raid, front line, Doblos etc. these tools it is best to use several types at once, for example, at the same time to decompose in places where insects two or three kinds of poison pellets or a few species of poisonous gel.